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    • Music ecology, music sociology, music locality - The case of Epirus 

      Katopodis, Vasileios (Taideyliopiston Sibelius-Akatemia, 2023)
      opinnäyte (maisteri)
      This master’s thesis investigates and interprets locally produced music and particular music traditions of the world that have strong aesthetics and characteristic sounds. Through the concepts of music ecology, music ...
    • The politics of memory and place-making in local opera : The case of the Kymi River Opera 

      Hautsalo, Liisamaija; Westerlund, Heidi (Svenska samfundet för musikforskning, 2023)
      This case study on the Kymi River Opera in south-eastern Finland, at the former border between Sweden and Russia, explores the potential of local operas to re-create a sense of place identity in a contemporary society in ...