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Viitteet 230-231 / 231

    • You Cannot Take War Out of the Soldier 

      Hast, Susanna (SAGE, 2021)
      This article is an experimentation in poetry on the topic of combat and killing derived from interview data. Such writing is called many things, but I named it documentary poetry which, regardless of its origins, is a ...
    • Zagreb, London, Berlin, New York : The Origins of the Record Industry in Croatia (1902-1939) 

      Gronow, Pekka; Pennanen, Risto Pekka (Muzička akademija Sveučilišta, 2022)
      The record industry grew rapidly between 1900 and 1914. Although record production was concentrated in the largest industrialised countries, companies set out to create a global market by recording songs in all major ...