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    • Digital finger: beyond phenomenological figures of touch 

      Elo, Mika (2012)
      The article reflects on digitality and interface design in terms of the multiple senses of touch. Touching is presented as a ‘‘pathic’’ sense of being exposed, which implies that touching exceeds the tactile and even ...
    • Ekologinen näkökulma taidetutkimukseen 

      Arlander, Annette; Elo, Mika (2017)
    • Light Touches: A Media Aesthetic Mapping of Touch 

      Elo, Mika
      Taideteoreettisia kirjoituksia Kuvataideakatemiasta (The Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki, 2018)
      kirjan osa
    • Towards Academic Publishing in Medias Res 

      Elo, Mika (Vita e Pensiero, 2021)
      The article discusses challenges of multimodal publishing in academic contexts with specific focus on the epistemic role of images in research publications in the area of artistic research. Through a series of examples, ...