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    • Bodily States on Screen: Gendering Spheres of Influence in House of Cards 

      Hast, Susanna (Taylor & Francis, 2018)
      This article elaborates how the political television drama House of Cards presents the state as a gendered human body, anthropomorphised in the United States’ presidential couple Frank and Claire Underwood and Russia’s ...
    • Making Spoken Word on Combat 

      Hast, Susanna (Rowman & Littlefield, 2023)
      kirjan osa
      This chapter discusses a spoken word piece written and recorded in a research project investigating somatic social bonding among the Finnish Defence University cadets. It illustrates how sensual and sensory experience can ...
    • Suomi ja Kriittisen militarismitutkimuksen tarve 

      Kotilainen, Noora; Hast, Susanna (Suomen rauhantutkimusyhdistys, 2021)
      Esittelemme kriittistä militarismitutkimusta (engl. Critical Military Studies) ja tutkimuksellisia näkökulmia suomalaiseen militarismiin ja militarisaatioon. Pohdimme, millaisia ilmentymiä militarismi ja militarisaatio ...
    • You Cannot Take War Out of the Soldier 

      Hast, Susanna (SAGE, 2021)
      This article is an experimentation in poetry on the topic of combat and killing derived from interview data. Such writing is called many things, but I named it documentary poetry which, regardless of its origins, is a ...