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    • In the Bogs of Joukahainen and Väinämöinen : The Alchemies of Peat from Sacred to Profane and Back 

      Pusa, Tiina; Haapalainen, Riikka; Sederholm, Helena (Aalto University, 2023)
      Peat bogs play a special role in Finnish cultural history, climate policy, economic life, and art. This article examines the performative meaning-making of peat and aims to rewrite with and through art and cultural heritage ...
    • Wildness Makes This World 

      Cowan, Matthew (Routledge, 2023)
      kirjan osa
      As an artist who is usually engaged with folklore and its performance, especially “Wildman” characters as they appear in folk rituals across Europe, I am especially interested in the connections between wildness, folklore, ...