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    • Fear, Coping and Peer Support in Male Dance Students’ Reflections 

      Lehikoinen, Kai; Turpeinen, Isto (Palgrave Macmillan, 2022)
      kirjan osa
      This chapter offers a compelling overview of male dance students’ predicaments of masculinity in Finland. The chapter provides a much-needed insight into fear, coping, and peer support in male dancing by focusing on young ...
    • Neuroqueer Intimacies in Online Dating Apps 

      Trento, Francisco (Maryland Institute of Research, 2023)
      What can we learn from the intimacies bypassing neurotypical understanding of relationships? Drawing from neurodiversity studies (Yergeau, 2018, 2020; Egner, 2019; Kapp, 2020), I question the widespread notion of intimacy ...