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    • 360 degrees : focus on lighting design 

      Humalisto, Tomi (toim.); Karjunen, Kimmo (toim.); Kilpeläinen, Raisa (toim.)
      Teatterikorkeakoulun julkaisusarja : 70 (2019)
      The Theatre Academy Helsinki began teaching lighting design in 1986. Since that time, instruction in the degree programme has focused on artistic and technical competence in its mission of helping students form an ...
    • Artistic research performs and transforms : bridging practices, contexts, traditions & futures : proceedings of Carpa6 

      Rouhiainen, Leena (toim.)
      Nivel : 13 (2020)
      The proceedings documents the contents of several of the presentations held at the Artistic Research Performs and Transforms: Bridging Practices, Contexts, Traditions & Futures CARPA6 international conference at Kiasma ...
    • Asian traditional theatre and dance 

      Miettinen, Jukka O.
      Teatterikorkeakoulun julkaisusarja : 71 (2018)
      This vastly illustrated web-based material is an introduction to Asian theatre and dance traditions. It can be used as a virtual textbook for university students as well as a handbook for general readers. With its ...
    • Perilous experience? : extending experience through artistic research : proceedings of Carpa5 

      Nivel : 9 (2018)
      This proceedings documents the contents of several of the presentations held at the Perilous Experience? – Extending Experience Through Artistic Research CARPA 5 conference that was held between 31 August and 2 September ...
    • Poetics of form 

      Condit, Outi; Jaakonaho, Liisa
      Nivel : 8 (2017)
      How do form and sense come to play in artistic research? How to approach writing in a way that reflects and benefits the processes of artistic research? How does research become artistic and artistic practice become research? ...