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    • Identifying Songs from their Piano-Driven Opening Chords 

      Jimenez, Ivan; Kuusi, Tuire; Czedik-Eysenberg, Isabella; Reuter, Christoph (SAGE, 2021)
      It is currently believed that timbre plays a primary role in the identification of songs from very brief excerpts of music. However, its specific contribution, and those of other characteristics of the music, remain unclear. ...
    • Veridical and Schematic Memory for Harmony in Melody-and-Accompaniment Textures 

      Jimenez, Ivan; Kuusi, Tuire; Ojala, Juha (University of California press, 2022)
      We studied memory for harmony using a melody-and-accompaniment texture and 10 commercially successful songs of Western popular music. The harmony was presented as a timbrally matching block-chord accompaniment to digitally ...