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    • Walking in a cage : Attuning to atmospheric intensities through corporeality 

      Heimonen, Kirsi (Intellect, 2021)
      This article discusses an artistic act: walking for seven sequential days inside a cage made of chicken wire in the grounds of a former mental hospital in Lapinlahti in Helsinki, Finland and its potential to offer insights ...
    • Ways to enhance embodied learning in Dalcroze-inspired music education 

      Juntunen, Marja-Leena (Intellect, 2020)
      Drawing on the phenomenology of embodied learning, this article presents suggestions for ways that embodied learning can be enhanced in Dalcroze-inspired music education. Here, embodied learning refers to learning from ...
    • What helps jazz musicians name tunes from harmony? 

      Jimenez, Ivan; Kuusi, Tuire (2020)
      Research has shown that musical training is associated with a greater ability to aurally connect chord progressions to specific pieces of music. However, it is unclear what specific aspects of musical training contribute ...
    • You Cannot Take War Out of the Soldier 

      Hast, Susanna (SAGE, 2021)
      This article is an experimentation in poetry on the topic of combat and killing derived from interview data. Such writing is called many things, but I named it documentary poetry which, regardless of its origins, is a ...